Printer Repair and Maintenance

As discussed earlier, purchasing a printer is one time affair also a costly one. We invest in printers ranging from Rs.10000 for entry level models to even lakhs at times depending on our printing requirements. Maintaining a printer is not a tedious job and surely not an expensive one.

It’s just that you need to take some precautions and even entry level printers will serve you for years. Half job done, now with some extra periodic maintenance the printer will work flawlessly for a long period.At this stage, we Optimal Print Solutions can assist you in servicing any type of laser and inkjet printers. Our expert technicians are highly qualified and experienced to cover all aspects of printer repairing andmaintenance.

We offer 3 types of services

On Per job basis

Where you log a call, tell the problem faced and we would assist you to resolve the issue. Normally any software or printer settings issues can be resolved by providing online assistance. For any technical issue or technician will visit your site to check the problem and resolve. Here it’s important to note that the more precise you narrate the problem, fast the issue is resolved.

Printer AMC

Be it a small single function printer, Ink tank printers, Multi function printer, A3 Copier printers purchased with huge investments, if you want to increase the printer’s life, it’s important to maintain the printers periodically. The maintenanceperiod will depend on where the printer is located, what is the number of end users on a single printer and of course the printing quantity. We at Optimal Print Solutions can provide you Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) for your printer/s that would suit your need.

Printer Adoption

 If you already own a printer you can opt for our printer adoption policy wherein the printer remains as your assest but the maintenance and repair part is taken care of by Optimal.

Herein we offer

  • Comprehensive AMC which includes printer service and maintenance, printer repair with Spares. Maintenance kit not included.
  • NON comprehensive AMC which includes printer service and maintenance and printer repair without spares.
  • We offer printer maintenance services for brands like HP, Samsung, Canon, Epson, etc.
  • We offer our printer maintenance services for brands like HP,Samsung, Canon, Epson, etc.

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