Recycled laser toner


Basic formula we were taught in our schools.

OPTIMAL PRINT SOLUTIONS follows the same formula. Slash your printing expenses, receive quality printing solutions at a very low cost.

Normally our investment in a printer is one time. What we require regularly are cartridges and the prices of cartridges are on a rise, making it an expensive affair to use the printer. Refilling or remanufacturing of cartridges can cut done your printing expenses to almost half without compromising on the quality of the printout. This is because you pay only for material replaced and not the whole unit. Here it’s important to note that the material used for refilling or remanufacturing is of premium quality to give you good quality print out and quantity sufficient enough to provide yield almost equivalent to the original one.

We refill various brand toners like HP, Canon, Samsung, Epson and Brother…

And the whole process is done without causing any harm to the environment. Recycling, Reusing the material results in lessening the production of new toners and spare parts, thereby saving the resources required for the production of the same. Also a lot of waste generated in the production process that generally is discarded in the landfills resulting in land pollution. All this can be avoided by using refill/remanufactured toners. Contribute your share towards nature by taking these small steps…

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Key features of Refill toner:

    • We provide you with the best quality remanufactured laser toners available in the market at  reasonable prices
    • We can arrange you of standby toners and printers if and when required.
    • Remanufactured toners are reusable for several times.
    • We offer a replacement warranty.
    • All Optimal Premium cartridges are warranted unconditionally for performance for their entire usage period & any disturbance observed shall be rectified or replaced immediately without further charges.
    • You can save up to 20-50% of your printing cost
    • Qualified team of technicians.